Synthetic Data for AI/ML


Simerse offers a number of synthetic data products to accelerate AI/ML initiatives.

Unlimited Training Data for AI/ML

1. Large-Scale Data Generation

Get a dataset of labeled images with corresponding JSON file.

Annotated Images, Video

Leverage perfectly annotated image and video datasets to train AI/ML models.

2D & 3D Bounding Boxes

Trust that 100% of images are perfectly annotated in a 2D or 3D format of your choice.

Industry-Standard Data Format

Get labeled images in a PNG or JPEG format, along with a corresponding JSON file.

Diverse Datasets for AI/ML

2. Data Generation for Rare Events

Use synthetic data instead of real-world data to diversify your training set.

Hazardous Scenario Generation

Safely get training data representing hazardous scenarios – without any risks.

Edge Cases on Demand

Exercise complete control over the number of edge cases in your training set.

Hard-To-Collect Data Creation

Get large training sets mimicking hard-to-collect situations.

Multispectral Training Data for AI/ML

3. Multi-Sensor Data Collection

Leverage synthetic data to get a wide range of multispectral images and video.

RGB Images, Video

Get photorealistic training data for visible light still images and video.


Receive fully-annotated point clouds for use in a LiDAR AI/ML model.

Depth, Infrared, Radar

Acquire datasets which are perfectly annotated for depth, infrared, and radar.

Get tailored datasets for AI/ML.

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