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Serving Key Industries

unlocking asset inventory, for the world's physically-scaled sectors.

for municipalities & Government


Monitor key street-level infrastructure in public right-of-way, understand change over time, & inventory municipal assets with Simerse Vision AI.

City Image

Asset Location

Simerse AI can pinpoint asset location with geographic coordinates.

Asset Inventory

Simerse enables cities & counties to get an up-to-date inventory of signs, poles, fire hydrants, and other assets.

Asset Condition

It is critical to know the location of damaged & destroyed signage, to prioritize asset replacement.

for Energy utilities


Simerse AI enables electric utilities to inventory their field assets and maintain the integrity of the energy distribution grid.

Distribution Pole

Pole Location

Simerse AI can pinpoint utility assets with accurate lat / long coordinates.

Pole Inventory

Simerse helps utilities inventory the 160 million distribution poles in the United States.

Pole Condition

Need to know the condition & defects present in your assets? Simerse AI can help.

for TowerCO, MNO & Utilities

Telecom & Fiber

Track pole assets and joint use attachments. Help plan new buildouts with updated inventory.

Telecom Pole

Pole Attachment Location

Trying to locate all the fiber attachments in your network? We can help.

Fiber Inventory

Want to know what equipment you have where? Simerse AI offers a solution.

Fiber Condition

Want to that equipment is not visibly damaged? Simerse can help.

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