Supercharge AI

for defect detection.


labeled data

for AI/ML teams looking for training data

defect detection

millions of images

perfectly labeled

internally validated

annual license

pre-trained model

for AI/ML teams looking to expedite implementation

defect detection

high performance

ready for transfer learning

internally validated

annual license

Computer Vision

for data scientists looking for an off-the-shelf solution

defect detection

no machine learning required

API based

internally validated

usage based pricing

Generating synthetic data for Computer Vision.

Labeled Data for Machine Learning

Perfect for data science teams looking for training data. Simerse delivers synthetic datasets. The data is labeled for machine learning.

All data from Simerse includes:

Rare defect variations
Robust for real-world deployment
Massive datasets
Pixel-level annotations

Data science teams spend 80% of their time on data preparation. Simerse solves this bottleneck. As a next step, discuss with us.

Pre-Trained Machine Learning Models

Perfect for data science teams looking to expedite their implementation of AI. Simerse offers pre-trained machine learning models. Use these models to augment existing ML or kickstart a new ML model.

All ML models from Simerse include:

Robust for real-world deployments
Transfer learning compatibility
Industry-standard ML frameworks

A pre-trained model is a starting point for machine learning. No data collection required.

Slingshot Industrial AI deployments with pre-trained machine learning models.
Use a Computer Vision API for defect detection.

Computer Vision API

Perfect for companies looking for an off-the-shelf solution. Simerse offers a Computer Vision API. No machine learning required.

A simple process to integrate Simerse Computer Vision:

Integrate API with end vision system
Upload images to Simerse via API
Receive analysis in seconds

The Computer Vision API is scalable. Start with a single deployment and ramp up with ease.

Why the Simerse Approach Matters

Real Industrial Deployments have Variation
Cameras, lighting conditions, and environmental factors change across facilities. Simerse optimizes synthetic data for real world variation.

Industrial Defects are Edge Cases
Defects are critical to identify, but are rare. Simerse provides data for cases where real-world collection is limited.

Improving Production Matters
At the end of the day, producing quality products matters. Simerse is focused on the most impactful problems in visual inspection.

Benefits of synthetic data

Unlimited Data Generation

Synthetic data is created at the cost of compute. A typical data generation by Simerse will be one million+ images. With Simerse Early Access™, get massive annotated datasets for deep learning & computer vision.

Ultra Precise Annotations

Synthetic data is labeled by a computer, not a person. Simerse data is ultra-high precision, down to each individual pixel. High precision labeling enables advanced computer vision i.e., semantic segmentation, depth, and more.

Robust for Real World Deployment

Synthetic data is optimized for lighting changes, camera blur, and expect variations in industrial environments. Simerse data trains robust ML models, and is rigorously tested on real world datasets to ensure high-performance.

Ready to Use

Synthetic data will immediately improve your Industrial AI. Simerse rigorously validates synthetic data to ensure real-world capabilities. Tailored for all ML annotation formats, synthetic data is an instant turbocharge for Industrial AI.

AI, meet Industrial.

Manufacturing contributes $2.3T to the United States GDP. Industrial sectors are ripe for technological innovation.

A Step Function Improvement to the Bottom Line

Industry 4.0 + AI will improve safety, boost efficiency, and increase output. AI-assisted quality control & inspection will augment human vision to improve production yield.

Defect Detection for Industrials

Simerse enhances visual inspection. Use Deep Learning & Computer Vision to supercharge Industrial AI.

Aerospace & Automotive

Augment human inspection for materials & parts.

Manufacturing & Production

Detect cosmetic & structural defects in production.

Construction & Insurance

Automate inspection with Industrial AI.

Infrastructure & Utilities

Monitor critical assets and inspect for faults.

Construction, Industrial, and Manufacturing

Supercharge your Industrial AI with Simerse.

The advent of AI brings advantages to the Industrial sector.