Simerse AI

Map Civil Infrastructure with Simerse AI

The Simerse Software Platform maps utility & municipality infrastructure using AI & mobile mapping technology.

GIS Feature Layer

What we do

Simerse uses proprietary AI to find infrastructure & update records

Simerse saves time looking at infrastructure, so companies can build, operate, and maintain the field assets we rely on.

Electric Utilities

There are over five million miles of T&D power lines in the U.S. alone. 

Public Works

Cities & counties need to catalogue millions of field assets.

State DoTs

In the U.S., there are over five billion meters of public roads.


There are millions of miles of fiber & telecom lines in the US.

bringing a scalable solution to gis records

Simerse updates GIS records faster than traditional methods

Simerse’s ability to ingest & analyze 360° imagery & LiDAR data can outpace manual data collection & analysis.

Truck Rolls Take Time

There is a time cost to sending out manual teams.

Field Visits Are Expensive

It is expensive to manually map infrastructure. Simerse can help.

Need a Scalable Solution

Mobile 360° & LiDAR can map infrastructure assets at scale.

simerse ai is for the built environment

We need to track millions of infrastructure assets

Infrastructure is big. See how Simerse technology is helping to accurately map infrastructure field assets.

Field asset inventory

Updated location & condition records help cities run smoothly

Utilities & Municipalities need to know where field assets are. Simerse AI can help locate these field assets to real-world coordinates, enabling a more accurate view of your field inventory.



Energy grid infrastructure needs mapping

Manual field visits are time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient. Update your GIS fast with Simerse, capable of processing large volumes of vehicle or drone-collected data.

simerse ai is for the built environment

Here's the infrastructure Simerse maps

Simerse AI models are constantly being trained & upgraded.

Cities & Counties

  • Traffic Signs
  • Traffic Lights
  • Street / Lane Markings
  • Potholes
  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • ADA Ramps
  • Waste Bins
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Pedestrian Signal

Electric Utilities

  • Utility Power Pole
  • Crossarms
  • Pole-Mounted Transformers
  • Pin Insulators
  • Cutouts / Lightning Arrestors
  • Switches
  • Streetlight Attachment
  • Joint Use Attachments
  • Vegetation
  • Pad-Mounted Transformers

New Assets

Simerse regularly adds requested assets to the data dictionary.

Step 1

Simerse ingests 360° mobile mapping images.

Simerse® Vision AI takes in data from 360° cameras and LiDAR point cloud scans.

Utility Pole

Step 2

Simerse AI detects infrastructure assets.

Simerse® processes this data to extract key features and turn raw data into structured data.

AI image

Step 3

Simerse AI derives location for each infrastructure asset.

Simerse® AI sends the features back to your GIS platform.

GIS Feature Layer


Who does Simerse help?

Simerse aims to improve infrastructure sectors through innovation.

for Utilities, Local Government, & telecom

Electric Utilities

Get up-to-date inventory of your field assets. Geolocate poles, transformers, and other high-value equipment. 

City Image

for municipalities & Government

Cities & Public Works

Monitor key street-level infrastructure in public right-of-way, understand change over time, & inventory municipal assets with Simerse Vision AI.

Telecom Pole

for telecom companies

Telecom & Fiber

Inventory fiber assets, track poles, and identify equipment with Simerse AI.

simerse ai can help cities & utilities track their assets

Infrastructure is vast. Better asset records can help.

Simerse ingests imagery from vehicles, drones, or smartphones. Simerse AI then derives the locations for GIS.

Simerse is ready to help

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