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Insulator Defect Synthetic Insulator Defect Segmentation Labels

The Secret sauce

Using CGI to teach AI

This insulator is actually a computer-generated picture. Simerse generates 1,000,000+ synthetic images to teach the AI using our proprietary Synthetic Grid™ technology.

What we do

The Process

With masterful control of simulated environments, Simerse increases the accuracy of AI & Computer Vision.

Give 5 Pictures

Give Simerse five sample pictures.

Generate Data

Simerse creates synthetic pictures for AI training.

Train AI

Simerse trains AI to learn from the synthetic pictures.

Get Data + AI

You get AI models and synthetic data for your use.

Tower Insulator Picture

made for inspection

Teach AI for Any Camera Angle

Synthetic Grid™ is built for every image collection platform.

  • UAS & Drone
  • Helicopter
  • Fixed-Wing
  • Satellite
  • Ground Vehicle

What we do

Built for Utilities

Simerse is an innovation force for utilities. We develop the right technologies to make utilities more efficient. That starts with a synthetic data approach to AI.




Wind & Solar

for Energy utilities


Connecting energy to demand is critical. Synthetic Grid™ helps transmission asset managers conduct powerline inspection and defect detection.

Transmission Tower

for energy utilities


Longer asset lifespan returns big bucks. Maintain critical assets, perform powerline inspection, and monitor structures with AI trained by Synthetic Grid™.

Distribution Line

for energy utilities


Vegetation Management is improving with new AI technologies. Give your ground crews better insight with Synthetic Grid™ and AI image processing.

Vegetation Management

for renewables

Wind & Solar

Renewable energy generation is growing quickly. Preserve capital investments and keep the energy flowing with Synthetic Grid™ inspection technology.

Wind Turbine

100% Computer-generated

A little of our work

Defective Insulator
Tower Insulator Picture
Synthetic Insulator
Vegetation Image Vegetation Image
Synthetic Data
Oil Spill Synthetic
Synthetic Insulator
Aerial View of Line

our clients

Tried, tested and trusted

Synthetic Grid™ is advancing AI for utilities. With new analytics, computer vision, and image processing, utilities are equipped for rapid energy growth.

We're ready, are you?

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