Training data for AI & Computer Vision.

Labeled Data for CV.

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Drone AI

Case Study: Agriculture CV

Use AI to detect apples for yield mapping.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 1.2M training examples.
  • 25 varieties of apples.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Synthetic Data

Case Study: Drone CV

Use AI to detect vehicles from overhead camera.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 1.3M training examples.
  • 100+ vehicle models.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Drone AI

Case Study: Rock CV

Use AI to detect rocks in soil.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 800K training examples.
  • 15 types of rocks.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Rock Synthetic Data

Simerse creates training data.

The sooner you acquire training data, the sooner you can deploy AI.

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