Computer-generated training data for ai/ml

Synthetic Data for AI Model Training

Simerse creates world-class synthetic training data for Computer Vision AI development.

Synthetic image of road

100% Computer-generated

Unique Capability: Synthetic Data

AI models need data to learn. Simerse’s industry-leading CGI synthetic data engine enables next-generation Vision AI with massive dataset training, annotation, & model validation.

Synthetic Data
Synthetic Data
Tower Insulator Picture
Synthetic Data
Synthetic Data
Aerial View of Line
Synthetic Insulator
Synthetic Data

simerse AI superpower

Supercharging Vision AI with Procedural Data

Simerse AI is trained with highly procedural training data, enabling incredible Vision AI capabilities.

This capability underpins Simerse AI & creates a strong differentiator when it comes to AI model quality.

rapid unlocking of next-gen foundational ai

Unlocking Semantic Segmentation AI

Simerse trains the Vision AI on massive datasets to maximize model performance.

Synthetic Data Synthetic Data

AI architecture

Training Computer Vision AI

Simerse’s synthetic data is great for training your own Computer Vision (CV) or image analytics AI models.

Provide Samples

Send us a handful of real-world sample images.

Simerse Creates Synthetic Data

Simerse uses its synthetic data technology to create photorealistic training data.

Train your CV Model

Train your CV model on the synthetic data!

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Enabling Rapid AI & Computer Vision Deployment

Staying ahead of the curve is our priority. We invest significant effort into constant research, exploring the latest advancements in the rapidly evolving field of computer vision.