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Built for Producers

Commercial operators use different sensors for different missions. That’s why we built Simerse’s synthetic generation platform to accommodate multiple sensor modalities for AI training.

Defect Detection

Machine Vision


Service #1

Defect Detection

RGB imagery is the workhorse of the geospatial industry. Perfect for optical imaging, RGB data from Simerse can train Computer Vision AI.

Defect Detection

Service #2

Machine Vision

Need to teach an industrial robot how to see? Simerse supplies training data for AI training.

Robot Vision

Service #3


Doing a close-up inspection? Double-check the analysis with AI microscopy.

Sparks Image

Any camera

Made for Industrial

Synthetic Data by Simerse is tailored to industrials. Whether you want to find defects on a high-automation line or corrosion on existing equipment, Simerse will help.

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What we do

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AI technology is being adopted across industry verticals. Simerse supports a wide variety of AI applications for manufacturing.

Steel Corrosion

Bad Welding

Cracked Parts