Synthetic Datasets for AI & Computer Vision.

Enhance AI models with Synthetic Data.

Edge Cases, Error-Free Annotations, and Unbiased Datasets.

Synthetic data is a superior alternative to real-world data collection. Simerse generates tailored synthetic data for your AI/ML model.

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Simerse technology is modular. We work with customers across numerous industry verticals.

100% Synthetic Image | Automotive Safety.

Augment Real-World Data

Combine synthetic data from Simerse with real-world datasets for maximum model performance.

Simerse data is photorealistic and complements existing datasets for AI/ML model training.

Synthetic data by Simerse can also be used as a stand-alone option for training computer vision models.

Unlimited Edge Cases

Train on an unlimited number of edge cases with synthetic data.

A primary benefit of synthetic data is the ability to simulate situations and events that are rare in the real world, known as edge cases.

AI/ML models need to heavily train on edge cases in order to properly respond to rare events in production use.

Capturing a sufficient number of edge-cases in the real-world is challenging by its very nature: fortunately, we can help.

Generate data that is rare in the real-world | Edge Cases.

Perfect Labeling

Manual data labeling is rarely perfect, but synthetic data is.

When it comes to data for AI/ML, the motto "garbage in, garbage out" is applicable. Any time humans intervene in the data labeling process, you're bound to have imperfectly annotated training data.

With synthetic generation, data is automatically annotated. You can trust that all of your data is perfectly labeled, with 100% precision.

Get pixel-perfect labels for AI/ML training | Segmentation Labels.

Cost-Effective Data

Synthetic datasets work just as well for training AI/ML models as real-world data.

Substitute computer-generated data for real-world data and reap significant benefits when it comes to AI learning.
Data from Simerse is cost-effective, available in unlimited quantities, and perfectly annotated for AI training.

Simerse creates uses cutting-edge generation techniques to ensure that all of our data is highly realistic, diverse, and successful at teaching real-world AI systems.

Speed up time-to-market.

Simerse moves faster than the competition. Synthetic data can be generated in hours, not years.

Plant Monitoring

Object Detection

Wind Turbine

Infrastructure Inspection

Synthetic Data for Agriculture

Agriculture Computer Vision

Use AI to detect apples for yield mapping.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 1.2M training examples.
  • 25 varieties of apples.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Fruit Detection | Object Classification.

Synthetic Data for Drones

Drone Computer Vision

Use AI to detect vehicles from an overhead camera.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 1.3M training examples.
  • 100+ vehicle models.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Vehicle Detection | Object Classification.

Synthetic Data for Vehicles

Automotive Computer Vision

Use AI to detect vehicles, street signs, and obstacles.

Dataset Characteristics

  • 800K training examples.
  • 60+ types of objects.
  • JSON formatted labels.
Vehicle Detection | Object Classification.

Accelerate AI Development.

Synthetic data can rapidly speed up time-to-market.

We create data fast. In a matter of weeks, Simerse delivers datasets ready for AI training. Spend more time deploying your AI model, and less on data collection and labeling.

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Simerse accelerates AI model training with Synthetic Data.