Synthetic Data Startup Simerse Joins NVIDIA Inception

Simerse, Inc. today announces that it has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program, the premiere acceleration platform for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other high-tech startups.

Simerse enhances AI/ML models with synthetic data, helping companies augment their AI training datasets. Synthetic data enables companies to move quicker and test machine learning models without the constraints of real-world data collection.

As a cohort member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, Simerse will receive access to industry-leading GPU technology, support from NVIDIA partners, and opportunities to participate in NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute. Simerse will also utilize the program to collaborate with high-tech startups, AI experts, and industry leaders.

“Being accepted to the NVIDIA Inception Program is a significant milestone for any AI-driven company, and we are excited to immerse ourselves in the program to help accelerate our own AI efforts,” said Michael Naber, CEO, Simerse. “Synthetic data is an incredibly interesting area, and we’re looking forward to helping our customers and partners benefit from this new technology.”

The NVIDIA Inception Program is an industry-leading accelerator for AI startups. Inception participants receive a variety of benefits which help startups improve market outcomes, gain access to resources, and engage with cutting-edge technology.

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Simerse is a leading provider of synthetic data, used to enhance AI/ML model training. Benefits of synthetic data include precise labeling, unlimited data generation, and customized edge-cases for machine learning datasets. Learn more at

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