Computer Vision is bringing a new wave of innovation to retail.

Use Cases

Automated Checkout

Key Benefits of Computer Vision

  • Use Computer Vision to detect item purchases.
  • Reduce customer wait times.
  • Monitor inventory in the retail store.

Simerse can provide state of the art datasets to train your Computer Vision algorithms to support cashierless checkout technology.

Whether you're a retail startup or a prominent retailer, we can work closely with you to improve your AI/ML models with labeled data.

Inventory Management

Key Benefits of Computer Vision

  • Use Computer Vision to monitor inventory movement within a retail store with overhead cameras.
  • Monitor product quality and detect defects.
  • Gain insights into retail traffic in real-time.

Labeled data is an essential ingredient for Retail AI. Simerse can work with you to deliver large quantities of labeled data for retail products.

Grocery Computer Vision

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