Training Data for Deep Learning

Deep learning technology is revolutionizing the world. Businesses of all sizes are starting to realize the potential that this technology has to offer. One sector, in particular, that is seeing great benefits from deep learning is the industrial sector.

Why Training Data is Important for Deep Learning and Computer Vision

In 2022, deep learning algorithms will be (and already are) all the rage. These AI algorithms are the technology behind automatic inspection, object recognition, and even predictive maintenance & optimization. But if you want to know what fuels deep learning algorithms and the next generation of IoT sensors, you are at the right place. It’s training data.

Sheet Metal Box Defects

Many production facilities are now rapidly integrating AI-driven solutions for defect inspection and have been seeing significant improvements in their performance and product quality as a result.

Rail Surface Defects

Railway systems for public transport take quite a bit of maintenance to ensure the best safety measures. Moreover, there are many different kinds of rail surface defects, and some could be developing long before they’re ever noticed.