Training Data for

Surface Inspection

Pre-made datasets. Available now.

Metal Surface Defects

Train AI for Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI).

Glass Bottle Defects

Use AI to inspect finished products such as bottles.

Concrete Defects

Apply AI to complex inspection tasks like concrete.

More Datasets In Development

100,000 Images

Kickstart AI model training with one hundred thousand images. No prior training data is required.


All training images are labeled with extreme precision. Data is validated by Simerse AI.

Flexible Licensing

We can create a custom license specific to your needs. For any customer, Simerse can help.

Keep Full Control

Training data always resides on your server, with zero connection to outside APIs or servers.

Any Camera Angle

With 3-axis synthetic generation, Simerse data ensures your AI model will perform from any camera perspective.

Any Lighting Intensity

Built-in lighting changes ensure that your AI model remains robust even with changes in ambient lighting.

Mix with Your Data

Combine Simerse data and your internal data to maximize AI performance. All data stays with you.

Leverage Transfer Learning

Use cutting-edge transfer learning techniques to combine synthetic training data and real world data.

Boost In-House AI

Ultimately, Simerse supercharges your in-house AI models. Start creating more accurate AI, today.

Get Training Data

Pre-made datasets. Available now.